Truform awarded 44 parts on P33A (MY2021 Rogue)

Truform Manufacturing has recently been awarded another large program of stampings and welded assemblies in support of the Model Year 2021 Nissan Rogue.  The parts awarded are interior cockpit module assemblies as well as exhaust system components.  Truform Manufacturing will be adding approximately 40,000 square feet to its Dickson facility in support of this new platform.  Program management activities and progressive tooling have already been kicked off with Truform tooling engineers currently on site in China monitoring tooling progress.

Truform Launches New Altima Production Cells

Truform has now started its production ramp up on several of its new L42P Nissan Altima weld cells.  These MIG and resistance weld cells are designed with state of the art Poka-yoke as well as quick change over features.  In parallel to the equipment ramp up, employee additions are taking place on a daily basis with approximately 50 additional employees planned to be brought on before August of this year.


New L42P MIG Welders

Rendezvous Assemblies for Nissan Altima in production


New Resistance Welders

660 Ton 144″ x 60″ Press Pit Installation

Progress is now underway in preparation of adding an additional 660 ton 144″ x 60″ progressive stamping press.  The pit should be completed before the end of March just in time for the arrival of Truform’s latest rolling bolster press.  The current timeline shows the press will be fully operational in June of this year.