Sisler Family History

The Sisler family of businesses started in 1972 and have included Six (6) different manufacturing related Companies over the course of the last forty-five (45) year period. Several of these businesses continue to operate today while the others were successfully divested due to either changing market conditions or a change in the Family’s strategic direction. Most all of these businesses were predominately selling to the Major Appliance Industry and were manufacturing varying product categories with many service offerings to the Customer.

1972 – 1987

Wire Assemblies, Inc.

  • Product Category: Electrical Wiring Harnesses & Power Supply Cords
  • Industries Served: Major Appliance, Heavy Equipment, Recreational
  • Other: Six (6) Plant Locations and 1,000+ employees

1988 – 1995

Iberia Fabricators, Inc

  • Product Category: Specialty Steel Fabricator / Strength & Fitness Equipment Product Line
  • Industries Served: Mining & Heavy Equipment, Construction and Athletic
  • Other: Two (2) Plant Locations and 70+ employees

1991 – 2003

American Appliance Products Inc.

  • Product Category: Steel Wire Products
  • Industries Served: Major Appliance, Barbeque and HVAC
  • Other: Two (2) Plant Locations and 300+ employees

1995 – 2017

American Wire Technologies

  • Product Category: Contract Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Industries Served: Major Appliance
  • Other: One (1) Plant and Warehouse Location

2001 – Ongoing

American Imported Products, LLC

  • Product Category: Product Importation, Warehousing and Distribution
  • Industries Served: Major Appliance
  • Other: One (1) Plant and Warehouse Location


1996 – Ongoing

American Hinge Technologies, LLC (AHT) / Fuentes de Manufactura de Mexico S. de R.L. (FMM)

  • AHT was formed in 1996 and FMM was formed in 2005 in order to support the Strategic Alliance and USA / Mexico platforms associated with the Nuova Star, Italy partnership. These two Companies are now a part of The Sisler Manufacturing Group resulting from a 2012 Family restructuring, and are more fully described throughout the Website.